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Ruth Moore's

flotsam and jetsam

We are building an online collection of cool and interesting things we have found about Ruth. Please help us! If you find something, whether an image or memorabilia, please drop us a note and maybe we will add it.


Check back here often, because we hope to regularly post new stuff. (And, yes, we know all this is not technically "flotsam and jetsam," but we like the sound of the names.)

Deep Waters Poster

A British poster for the movie Deep Waters, which was based on Ruth Moore's bestselling novel, The Weir. It is now the stuff of legend that Ruth hated the movie and essentially walked away from Hollywood. However, the money she earned from the film rights allowed to build a house and live in Maine to write full-time.

Candlemas Bay Cover

When Pocket Books got its hands on Candlemas Bay, it apparently sought to boost sales in the romance market, so they came up with this cover. Classic. It recalls a story from Gary Lawless, who told us that when publishers tried to add romance to Deep Waters, Moore told him, "I am not a fumbler of buttons."

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